Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kool Dog Kafe

Mommy was introduced to this site this morning on one of her Cavalier boards

Look at these treats!!! And they are for dogs!!!! Can you beleive it?!?!?! Look so yummy!!!!

Mommy wishes she could sign Ellie up for the Treat of the Month Club but Daddy might kill Mommy then =P

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ellie's Weekend

Ellie had quite a weekend this past week.

Saturday was Dog Day at Shea Stadium so Saturday morning bright and early Daddy, Ellie, and I were off to NY! Ellie was so good on both the train and the subway in her new Sherpa carrier. She was also quite a hit on both whenever people saw her. While we were waiting for the train on the platform Daddy was mobbed by a group of pre-teen girls when they saw Ellie in her carrier. They all ran over to look at her and Daddy opened the top of the carrier to let her say hi. As soon as her head popped out all the girls screamed sending Ellie's head back into the carrier! I think she was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention! On the train we let her pop her head out and all the nearby passengers ooohed and ahhhed over her. They all thought she was so cute and pretty (which she is!) and Ellie was so well behaved on the train. She was equally as good on the subway despite its screeching and all the bumps. When we got to Shea and found the picnic area we promptly ran into 2 other Cavaliers! Over the course of the game we would see 2 more.

Daddy with Ellie

Bad picture of Mommy with Ellie

Ellie at Shea!

Ellie's view of Shea
Oh and while we were at Shea a camera guy came around taking pics. They wont let me link it so here is how you get to it

Go to the link on the bottom right that says "Fan Photos" Look for April 21, 2007 Mets vs Braves game Gallery 102 top row second picture and youll see us at the game!!

Sadly Daddy and Mommy look awful in the picture! We were trying to make sure Ellie looked at the camera that she looks amazing and we look terrible! Can you believe it?!?!

On Sunday Ellie went to visit a friend of mine who I met on one of the many Cavalier boards I use. Molly has 5 Cavaliers (1 foster) and though we have no pictures it was a fun day...though Ellie didnt seem to think so at first. When we first got there Ellie was a bit overwhelmed with 5 doggies all eager to say hello. As soon as I put her on the floor the mob surrounded her. When she ran to get away from them they chased her. I think she was put of a lot by this and kept trying to get onto the couch with us. After a bit the crew all settled down and so did Ellie. Mommy and Daddy sat in the kitchen talking with Molly and her husband Joe and the pups all promptly passed out. The funniest was Spike, who is Molly's foster, is not fixed yet and neither is Ellie so needless to say Spike was quite interested in Ellie. Ellie is however out of season so she had no interest in anything Spike had in mind and let him know that. He would come near her and start sniffing her and Ellie would growl, slowly turn her head and give him a dirty look that almost seemed as she was saying "Not in a million years buddy!" We kept teasing saying Spike had to learn that this approach wasnt going to work and perhaps he ought to bring her a treat or two to soften her up. Needless to say Ellie made her point quite clear shoving him away with her paw a few times even. All in all it was great and I cant wait to see Molly and the fir kids again!

Monday, after Daddy had his accident, Daddy still had to go to school to run his track meet. Mommy dropped Daddy of at 1:30 PM and then went into work late After work Mommy went home to get Ellie and together they went to get Daddy. The meet wasnt over so Ellie got to see the track booth where Daddy works his meets and was the hit of the entire joint as always. Daddy has a few big meets in a few weeks that last all day so Ellie will soon be returning to her job as track booth mascot!

Lastly I leave you with a few more pics of the Princess.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ellie's New Toy

Well last weekend I took Ellie out with a friend to Red Bank. There is a lovely pet boutique I wanted to take her to and I thought Id be a nice day to walk around. So Ellie wore her new coat, got a new toy, and went into Victoria's Secret =)

I bought her this adorable giraffe toy.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Ellie and Mommy wish they could go to the AKC Nationals show next month in PA but its during the week =( Boo

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ellie and the wire

So Ellie had a brush with something scary tonight. I was upstairs in the loft watching my Survivor when all of a sudden I heard an ear shattering yelp coming from downstairs. Ellie has made this sound a few times before, usually when she has a run in with Griffin, but never for as long as this so I run downstairs. Daddy recently rewired our computers and apparently one of the cable wires was sticking out a bit so Ellie had gone to investigate it. She somehow got her paw in between the wire and the wall so when she turned to run away the wire twisted around her paw and she couldnt get it off causing her to fall to her back and cry for help. Daddy quickly untangled her and tacked the wire to the wall afterwards and I took her upstairs with me to make sure she was ok. After Survivor when we came downstairs though she started to stalk to area where the wire was darting back and forth in front of the area almost as if she thought it would lash out and attack her again! Now that we know she is ok of course this is rather humorous. Daddy keeps picking her up and telling her that the wire didnt attack her rather she got herself tangled but Ellie is having a hard time accepting that and still darts around just in case ; )

I will be posting some pics up this weekend so stayed tune!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Puppia has come out with some super cute spring things!!!! I am going to have to update Ellie's wish list heehee Daddy is probably going to have to build Ellie a rack or an armoire soon to store all her things!

Sorry I cant copy the pics as they are all on Puppia's main site now I dont believe stores carry some of the items yet since they are so new

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Poor little girl has the runs again She couldnt even hold it while we were away today at work and soiled her kennel for the first time ever She must have been upset as she tried kicking some of it out of her kennel thus Daddy had quite a cleanup waiting for him when he arrived home Mommy arrived home to a happier lil gunky dog with stuff stuck on her back, underside, and paws So thus Miss Ellie had a bath for the 2nd time in 3 days Alas we forgot the pictures again but with the way this is going she'll probably get another bath tomorrow again Off to the vet it is Friday to get this settled

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ellie's New Coat

My wonderful wonderful Tammy brought Ellie a gift when she came to visit Mommy didnt even realize the gift was in the closet until this evening when she was putting some clothes away! Ellie has now got her beautiful city coat! I only got to take a few pics before my camera battery died so Ill have to take some more another time but she looks absolutely gorgeous in it!!!! Thank you so much Auntie Tam* !!!!! Now Ellie will look so pretty when she goes out to meet boyfriend Cinnamon!!!

Here is the store photo picture of the coat

Ellie and the girls

Some of my girlfriends came over the other day to meet Miss Ellie Needless to say she was the star of the evening

Queen of the toys

Bath Time

Ellie got a bath yesterday Alas I didnt think to take any pics when she was in the sink but here she is all dry and clean What a difference a bath makes!!! She didnt smell so doggy anymore and her coat was so silky smooth and soft I think she looks so pretty!

Snoozing Days