Monday, May 28, 2007

10 Months Old

Ellie is 10 months old today!

So in celebration of the fact that its only 2 months till her 1st birthday I have assembled a list of collars and harnesses Ellie would like for her birthday! After all you only have 2 months left to shop for her!

Bella Bean Couture Cupcakes Collar

I believe this also comes in harness and Ellie would prefer the harness to the collar but wants to matching leash naturally. She also wants it in French Pink rather then the blue being modeled.

Ellie is also sweet on this Owen and Olivia collar. After all purple is her favorite color.

Which is also why she likes this Mid-Town Purple Collar. The stripes make a stylish statement Ellie says against her dark coat.

Ellie says this Diva Dog collar in Daisy is so spring. She would require the smaller version of this collar though as she doesnt like it when her collars are too thick around her neck!

And of course Ellie always loves her Puppias. She is hoping for this one next

In pink of course!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Mommy was planning on taking Ellie to a dog park this weekend but then she read online that dog parks require dogs to be wearing tags. Silly mommy didn't know that so this afternoon Mommy placed an order for Ellie's first dog tags! Hopefully it will arrive next weekend so Ellie can go to a dog park next Saturday with Mommy and Daddy. There are 3 local parks within half an hour of home so we will be visiting all three this summer to decide which one we like the best. So I guess instead of going to the park Ellie will get an extra long walkie in the afternoon and a visit to grandma's house! When Ellie's tags come in Ill post a picture of her in it!

This is the tag Mommy wanted to get Ellie but Daddy said no

Courtesy of TiaBellas

Except Mommy would get Ellie the two-toned one in amethyst!

Maybe for Ellie's birthday Daddy will relent and let her have it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Natural Shots

I have been trying to get some good natural shots of Ellie. The problem is she moves so much its hard. Some of these are blurry but a few of them are real gems

Hunger Strike

Every now and then Ellie goes on a hunger strike. I dont know why she does this but every now and then she will refuse to eat her dinner when its given to her.

Look at that stern face! Almost as she was saying I wouldnt eat that if you bribed me with treats! Hmph!

But alas sometimes hunger gets even the toughest cookies!

Perhaps she thought dining a le fresco would just make the meal that much more appealing?