Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday!

Ellie turned 1 on July 28, 2007!!!!

Mommy and Daddy rushed home to be with her from DisneyWorld but alas even with Daddy driving all day we made it home 10 minutes after 12.

It's ok as Ellie got a new Disney toy!!!

Happy happy birthday Princess and many many more!!!!

We love you!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pretty Ellie

Some cute pics of Ellie since this is her blog. Princess turns one in 2 weeks (July 28th) Can you beleive it?

What a diva she is!

It started off so innocently

One puppy with her toy...

All done with continuous shot.

Baby Brother

OK so I am long behind on posts. So much has been going on I really haven't had time. The good news is Ellie went to the vet yesterday and got her stitches out. She was 100 times better with the new stitches and the Dr said she was a wonderful sweet pup which of course she is. Now the even better news is Ellie got a baby brother!!! His name is Aidan and if you ask me he is adorable and the spitting image of Ellie...just smaller. I had been looking for a sibling for Ellie for a few months. We wanted to do rescue this time as we felt so bad for all those beautiful Cavaliers who weren't loved from birth like our princess. For months I scoured Petfinder, Cavalier Rescue USA, Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, and Craigslist. Ever dog that was out there who was young (my only requirement as Ellie is so young ) I would contact trying to find the one for us. After several false starts we hit the jack pot with Henry (Aidan's original name). I saw him listed on Petfinder. It said 5 month old tri from a puppymill. I contacted his foster mom and lo and behold she remembered me! Well to be technical she remembered Ellie! Heehee. Turns out I had emailed her in the past about another foster pup she had named Tinker. At the time I contacted her Tinker was already on his way to his new home but she said to keep in touch as she fostered often and I sent her some pictures of Ellie. Well we started to chat about little Henry. His foster mom told me that he was bought at a puppy auction in her home state. He was the only Cavalier at the auction but she had to go get him anyway. He was dog number 161 and 5 months old at the time. As soon as she sent me his pics I knew he was the one we had been waiting for.

I love this picture as he looks so cute. Almost like a cartoon doggie instead of a real one!

Well after chatting for about a week and getting our home visit approved we were able to adopt Henry. Now the question was transport as she was in Wisconsin and we were in NJ. Thanks to my wonderful Cavalier boards a member offered to help us with transport since she was a teacher and had the free time. Henry's foster mom drove to Chicago where my friend lived (about 5 hours away) and dropped Henry off and the following day we both drove toward each other. We met on a dusty road in Ohio off the Ohio Turnpike and we got our baby and I got to meet another Cavalier board member. We drove home and Ellie and Aidan clicked just like that and now are best friends.

And now for pictures galore!

Kim has 2 pups of her own so it was a bit of a struggle to get this picture and I of course closed my eyes but whatever

On the drive back Aidan decided he wanted to cruise and climbed into Daddy's lap. They alternated the entire (long) drive back between my lap and Daddy's. Ellie only growled maybe twice the entire trip as she took to him rather quickly.

When we stopped for a fuel break I took a few more shots of the cutie

This is a horrible picture of me and Aidan at home. I look awful but 12 hours in a car will do that to you.

Aidan's first experience with a snood. I don't know why but I think he looks adorable with it on while Ellie looks weird. Maybe its because he has a smaller head?

Since then we have been in love with the little guy and can you blame us.

I had bought new snoods for Aidan and Ellie. Aidan's is more masculine but still cute while Ellie's is all girly. I thought I'd see what they look like in each other's snood. Even though its all girly I think Aidan still looks cuter in snoods then Ellie. Its got to be the head size!

Doesn't matter the pattern Ellie is unhappy with a snood on

Aidan in Ellie's snood
And his own

Ellie is unhappy no matter what the snood looks like
But will perk up for a treat

Dexter was apparently feeling left out of the picture taking and decided to make an appearance.

Some more Aidan adorableness

The prince and princess

Finally Aidan's Puppia arrived so we had to take pictures with him wearing it. The medium is a little too big in the head area right now but I think he will grow into it soon.

Playing with his sister

And then of course we needed some pictures of both of them wearing their Puppias!

Magnus the Puggle next door turned one so we had a little paw-ty on the front porch complete with party hats and Frosty Paw treats. Aidan didn't like it and hardly ate any but Ellie was more then happy to finish his as was Magnus and his sister Tonka the Shepard/husky mix.

There are 4 doggies in this picture. Can you spot them all?

Mommy I don't want this =P

Oooohh Ill take it! Me me me!!!

And to end this super long post my two babies