Saturday, September 29, 2007


How cute are these?!?!?!?

Mommy thinks they would be the perfect Halloween costumes for the pups since they could re wear them as sweaters too! Soo cute! Sadly at $26 each Daddy vetoed them =P

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ellie's Siblings!

Ellie's breeder finally updated her webpage with pictures of Ellie and her siblings! She has a page devoted to her past litters and pictures of them as babies and as adults. Ellie's litter was 5 tri puppies. Ellie was the first born and then came her 3 brothers and lastly her little sister. Her breeder kept the 2nd born boy Auggie and her sister in law took Molly the other female. I don't know much about her other 2 brothers.

So here they are Ellie and her siblings!




And Ellie

Brother Cody does not have a picture up on the site yet. I think Ellie and her sister Molly look a lot alike!

And here are some baby pictures of them

One year later they are a beautiful bunch of Cavaliers!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Match

Today was the Cavaliers of the Northeast Fun Match. Mommy was so so nervous because she didn't do any handling training with Ellie but in the end she did wonderfully. The weather was awful and it rained for the first half of the morning. Once it stopped the show started immediately and towards the end the sun came out and it became quite warm. Because of the rain poor Ellie's coat wasn't at its best and of course she and Aidan came home muddy and dirty all over but all in all we had a wonderful time. Ellie competed in 2 classes, Novice and Tri Color Girl Dog. She won first place in Novice due to her being the only dog in the class (nevertheless we are still so proud of her) and second in tri color losing to a wonderful breeder who Mommy hopes to work with one day in the future. She got 2 ribbons, some toys, and a trip to the best girl dog ring where she didn't place. Still Mommy is amazed that she picked up very quickly on what she was suppose to do though she didn't like standing in the table very much. Mommy just asked that she do two things for her before they arrived at the show and they were to stand in the ring as she sits almost naturally and not to go to the bathroom in the ring. She did both things and Mommy couldn't be more happier! Congrats Ellie on your first fun match and your 2 pretty ribbons that sadly got warped due to the rain but Mommy will find a frame for anyway to commemorate your big day!

Mommy didn't take any pictures due to the craziness of the weather and trying to handle both Aidan and Ellie but a friend from Cavalier Connection did snap this one after Ellie's big win! Don't mind Mommy's dumb expression she wasn't sure when the picture was being taken clearly =P

Oh and the wonderful friend who snapped that photo also took a video of Ellie's big win as well as another Cavalier Connection friend with her pup. Mommy doesn't know how to link videos here so here is the actual link to the video!

And she took this lovely shot of Miss Ellie as well

This is a picture of Ellie's prizes!

She has her 2 ribbons, 2 toys as well as doggie bag holder, and Mommy won the raffle so she got that etched treat jar which she filled with yummy liver treats that Aidan and Ellie love. Mommy was number 247 in the ring and just thought she'd throw that in there to complete the picture.

And just because its cute this was Aidan and Ellie in the car on the way to the show. They looked so unhappy but they had a blast (they got filthy so thats always a good day for them) in the end.

All in all we had a fabulous day and Mommy learned a lot!

Friday, September 21, 2007


This one is getting framed!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Kids

I know I am biased being their mom but how beautiful are they! Mommy just wishes she didn't cut Ellie's head off at the top =P *sigh*

Just the Two of Us

Aidan and Ellie are definitely the best of friends but for some reason its been so hard to snap pictures of the two of them together. One is always moving or looking away from the camera. Mommy bought this adorable little frame the other day in the shape of a doggie and wanted to frame a picture of Aidan and Ellie together in it. But getting pictures of them together hasn't been easy but here are some I have managed to get over the past few days.

Then this morning I got these few which I think are gorgeous thanks to the sunlight streaming through the window

I think this may the one for the frame

Lastly this picture actually came off my cell phone (I am shocked its as clear as it is). I have a million out takes but this one picture was worth it all. Its my cell phone wallpaper.

Prince Aidan Henry

I have a lot of nice shots of Aidan that I have collected in his time here and I thought it would be nice to share some of them as he is becoming such a handsome little guy.

Princess Ellie Rebecca

I shot these this morning in our bedroom. I know I am biased but she is so pretty when she isn't rolling in mud, being naughty with her brother, destroying her toys, etc.

My princess