Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Park Adventure

Mommy decided to take the kids to the park today. We went to a new park and this was Aidan's first time at a park with Ellie. When we first got there we got rushed by a HUGE black Great Dane with Red eyes Shocked Mommy was so scared by the red eyes but he ran by sniffed Aidan and Ellie and kept running. I saw his owner calling him later so it was fine. As soon as we got to the fence all these Schnauzers came by and one Shiba Inu. The Shiba growled and snapped a little and Mommy got worried. We walked on the outside while the Shiba owner came and collected her girl (Tia). As soon as Mommy opened the gate Ellie started to get scared and clingy. I gently pushed her off and walked in with her. I waded among the dogs allowing Ellie to stay by me. Aidan wandered off immediately as I knew he would, dogs don't phase him. Ellie soon started to wander off. I found a bench and sat down and chatted away with an elderly couple who brought their terrier mix. They just moved in the area. Aidan found a little red ball and started to carry it as he ran around. I wish I had my camera when he turned around running toward me ball in his mouth. It was too precious. He then later jumped on the bench with me and sat with us which I thought was unusual since its Ellie who is normally my clinger but I was happy by it. Ellie meanwhile settled in the dirt behind us. We stayed for about 45 minutes in that time Ellie managed to get herself filthy and Aidan was decently dirty. We walked back to the car and I started to snap these pics.

Aidan Ellie look over here!

Yoohoo! Well at least I got Ellie's attention

The best shot of the entire day and so worth it if you ask Mommy!

The second best

Mommy thinks this one is cute even with Aidan looking away

Mommy thinks Aidan is laughing at here in the next few

Aidan is doing the model pose and looking off into the sunset in these two.

But he is back to his goofy self in seconds. Look at that head tilt!

I love this little boy. He has changed so much in the short time we have been blessed with him.

Then the funniest thing happened. After we got home I looked at them said "You both need a bath terribly" Their entire demeanors changed LOL

This was Aidan's first bath since coming home with us (I know long overdue) and it was a bit traumatic for him. He tried to climb out of the sink twice and knocked over the dish rack once in his escape. Mommy thought it best to capture the special moment.

And lastly two wet but clean puppies!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Teddy and Katydid's House

Aidan and Ellie went on a trip today to visit Teddy and Katydid. Their mom, Nancy, is a friend from Cavalier Connection and she very graciously offered to let me borrow her carrier for when Aidan and Ellie go to the city for their photoshoot. Originally the photoshoot was scheduled for this weekend which is why I needed the carrier asap but it was actually moved to Labor Day weekend so there ended up being no rush but it was nice to visit Nancy and her pups anyway. Nancy's house is gorgeous and enormous!! As soon as we arrived Aidan and Ellie made themselves right at home! They immediately raided Teddy and Katydid's toy box, slept in their bed, and of course had an accident on Nancy's rug. All of this in 2 hours time. I can easily say they are probably the worst 2 house guests ever! Nancy was so kind and had dinner waiting for me and we chatted while the dogs played. Teddy is 4 years old and an the old soul of the house. He stayed away from the fray that was Aidan and Ellie for the most part. He sat in the corner almost in quiet defiance of the two whirling dervishes that had invaded his home. Katydid who Nancy said was normally a hellion also seemed to be unnerved by my 2 and watched them from a distance for the most part. Toward the end she tried to join in the fun which was great to see. Nancy's floors were hardwood so it was funny to see the 2 pups slide all over the place. Though they weren't pleased with the long ride in the kennel as soon as we headed off they dropped off to sleep. Mommy even made an emergency stop to Petsmart to buy some new toys since they had loved Teddy and Katydid's so much but sadly Mommy got the wrong kind =P Oh well the store was closing so she had to rush so tomorrow she will try again.

Here are some pics from the evening

Regal Teddy

And his spunky sister Katydid

Notice they both have the peach kiss on opposite sides of their faces making them the perfect book ends!!!

Aidan and Ellie making themselves at home

Katy and Teddy trying to wait them out

Aidan was having a love affair with this bed

But I want to stay Mom!

Finally Katy braves an investigation

And ice cubes all around!!

Ellie getting some last minute pets

And one last shot of the 2 beleaguered hosts

Thanks so much Nancy, Teddy, adn Katydid!!! Hope to do it again soon!!

When Nancy sends her pics Ill post them too. She has a much better camera then Mommy's little point and shoot!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blame it on the rain

Ellie and Aidan HATE the rain. Its been raining off and on since Friday and they have been 2 very unhappy campers. When we first go outside they are reluctant to walk on the grass because its wet and they dont like to get their paws wet it seems. When its raining outside they take one look and try to high tail it back inside. The other day I managed to get Aidan out onto the wet grass (the horrors!) to do his business. He proceeds to squat and then looks up at her and starts to cry, literally cry, as he does his business in the rain. My neighbor was outside smoking and saw the whole thing and started to laugh as he watches me trying to coax Aidan to finish up so we can go inside while he is crying at the top of his lungs because raindrops are hitting him. I didn't know whether to be embarassed or to laugh at the scene. Ellie is even more reluctant and will hold her poop for hours waiting for the rain to stop as she won't go when its raining. Needless to say we have had 2 accidents because she couldn't out hold past the rain. This morning was the last straw I think for them. I took Aidan out and he stuck his face outside and a rain drop hit him and he promptly turned around and peed right on our porch! I had to get a bukcet of water later to rinse it off. But yeah Mommy has 2 prima donnas it seems when it comes to rain.

I have started to take an umbrella out with us in hopes that I can shield them a bit but its so hard as they walk so far ahead of me searching for a dry spot that I can only cover them when they actually stop to do something and they rarely ever do so I guess I am fighting a losing battle.

Some lovely friends suggested rain coats to help them stay dry and Mommy loves that idea because even if they don't do a thing its a good excuse to buy the pups some more things and who doesn't love cute little slickers?

Off to search Ebay now!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aidan and the pillow

Here are a few more pics of the pups enjoying their new present. They both seem to love Ellie's more for some reason and I don't know why. The only thing I can think of is that the pillow in Ellie's is Mommy's old pillow while the one in Aidan's is Daddy's old one so maybe the pups just love Mommy more =D Heehee

Excuse the devil eyes on some of these

Raven and Cicero

Mommy has a lovely friend named Raven who she knows from Cavalier Connection. Raven is mommy to a tri boy named Cicero who is Aidan's long lost twin. The two of them look so alike and here is an example.

Here is a picture of Aidan's legs

Here is a picture of Cicero's

They both share the black leggings look Mommy calls it as the back of their legs are completely black.

Whats funny is Cicero is the reason why Aidan has the blue Spring Puppia. Mommy loved the way it looked on Cicero she had to have one for her little boy too!

Here is Cicero modeling his Puppia

And here is Aidan modeling his

So anyways a few weeks ago Raven posted about this beautiful pillow case she had made for Cicero.

Mommy was so amazed that Raven made that herself and commented to Cicero's Mommy. Well today in the mail Ellie and Aidan both received their very own pillow cases hand made by Raven herself. Mommy promptly stuffed them with a pillow and took these pictures.

Aidan's pillow

Look at the stitch work

Ellie's pillow

Stitch work

And she even personalized them!

I tried to get the pups to take pictures on them but they were too busy playing!

I eventually got Ellie to settle on hers

And Aidan felt left out so he jumped on too

After dinner Ill try to get then on Aidan's.

Look how happy Ellie is with her new pillow!!!!!!

Thank you so much Raven and Cicero! We love them and really think you should go into business or something!!! Can we hire you to make our throw pillows for our new couch?!?!?