Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dog Park

So Ellie and I went to the dog park by our house today. It was met with mixed success.

Here is Ellie testing the waters.

And making new friends

Then trouble began when this guy showed up. His name was Dante if thats a sign

He started to get rough with Ellie and cornered her a few times which I know she didnt like. Ellie came running towards me to started to jump all over me like she wanted me to pick her up. I couldn't because I was holding the camera so I took her outside with me

She seemed happier sitting outside with me

And even happier in the car on the way home

and less active as well

We will be going back again another time I hope as she had fun running around with the other dogs just not that particular dog I guess. Itll be easier when Daddy comes next time too as there will be 2 of us so I can take the pics and Daddy can help Ellie!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Snood Emergency

So Ellie like many Cavaliers wears a snood when she eats. Ellie hates her snood but if she doesn't wear one her ears are such a mess and its so hard to clean up that she has to wear it. Well Ellie had breakfast this morning with her snood and sometime in between breakfast and dinner her snood went missing. We have several culprits in mind since Ellie hates her snood and does like to chew it up when she can get it and her cat brothers are known to play with things knocking them down under beds, ouches, cabinets, where they are never seen again. Well Daddy and Mommy searched around but couldn't find the snood. Mommy is placing an order tonight from TiaBellas for 2 snoods (extra one for back up) but in the interim what would we do.

Ellie's Daddy decided to sacrifice one of his socks. The result is absolute hilarity.

If Ellie hates her snood she hated the alternative even more. Poor thing. It was so tight around her head it can't have been too comfortable so Mommy eventually let her eat without it. She just looked too pathetic.

Let's hope the new snoods come in quick!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Taking a page from Loki's Mommy about mistaken breed identity here is a funny story about Ellie.

Ellie's Daddy said one day while he was walking Ellie in the neighborhood someone stopped him and asked if Ellie was a Portuguese Water Dog. Ellie's Daddy said no she was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and continued on his way. When he got home he informed me thats what someone thought Ellie was. I kindly informed him either he heard that person wrong or that person had never laid eyes on a Portuguese Water Dog in their life.

For those of you who are wondering this is what Portuguese Water Dog looks like courtesy of Wikipedia.

Now you tell me if that person truly knew what a Portuguese Water Dog looked like!

Ellie and Mommy

Ellie's photo shoot in the city was postponed till next Saturday which is good since Mommy needed a day to sleep in badly. To make up for it here are a few pictures of Ellie and Mommy.

And our favorite shot

Ellie might have big news soon but we dont want to get too excited too early so we will wait to share

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Camera New Pictures

We got a new camera thanks to Loki's Mommy's wonderful recomendation. Its a Canon Powershot S3 IS. In truth Daddy's camera was starting to act up and he wanted a new one and I told him how Loki's Mommy and Daddy just got this one and liked it a lot. Mommy will pretend Daddy got the camera so we could get better shots of our Princess rather the shot drink shots for his bar menu =P

So Daddy woke up bright and early today to get his new toy. Sadly Circuit City was not open till 10 like Mommy told him so he had to wait despite rising at 7. Mommy is slaving away at work so Daddy sent her these through email.

Mommy will be having a field day after she gets home so stayed tuned!

Also Ellie's photoshoot in Central Park is scheduled for this Sunday! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Doggy Portriats

Mommy saw something on Craigslist for free doggy portraits in the city so she immediately emailed and called the lady. We spoke a bit and then since she was out I said she could call me back later. Two days later and nothing. Mommy is sad as she was so excited for Ellie to get her first photo shoot in Central Park. Mommy hopes to hear from the lady soon.

In the meantime Mommy has been scouring Craigslist for other photo opportunities for Mommy and Ellie. She has emailed a few people and am waiting responses.

Mommy wants a new digital SLR so maybe she can take some professional shots of Ellie and other puppies! Maybe Mommy can make some nice side money to buy Ellie some new Puppias! Well Mommy can dream right =P

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Princess Ellie

The wonderful photo work was done by a dear friend who has a lot more skills then Mommy does when it comes to things like this. Thanks a lot Mic! We love it!!!

Life from Ellie's view


Danbury was fun! Mommy got to say hello to all the people she knew and it was so nice to see them all again as well as all the beautiful doggies. Mommy forgot the her checkbook though so Ellie didn't get chipped so next show she will be. Surprisingly there were no vendors at all at the show so even though Mommy and Daddy didn't have money on them it didn't really matter since no one was selling anything. Next show is in NJ so Mommy will go all three days and have a better idea of whats going on since coming mid-way in is always a bit confusing. After Danbury we went to visit Mommy's old roommate from college since she lived so close to the show. Though Mommy's roommate's doggy didn't like Ellie a nice time was had nevertheless.

Mommy didn't take pictures at the show as she wasn't sure if anyone would be upset here are a few from the day.

We're off to Danbury!

Comfy lap

The shot of the day. The person leaning out of the shot is Mommy's silly roommate =P

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ahoy Matey

First of Ellie would like to thank everyone who complimented her blog. She is so pleased you all enjoy it and will continue to strive to amuse the masses...and failing that she promise oodles and oodles more pictures as everyone loves pictures afterall!

So this year since Pirates splashes back on the scene the nautical look is definitly back in. Now Mommy has always loved stripes and the sailor motif with the white collars and anchor prints but has yet to find a piece that she likes for herself but yesterday while browsing around on Cavalier Talk and reading about another Cavalier mommy rave about a new harness set she wandered over to Trixie and Peanut to take a look. Well imagine Mommy's delight when she not only saw the cute harnesses the other mommy was raving about, seen here, but she saw that the same company had made a darling sailor version of the harness!

Now that's simply adorable and a great price considering it comes with the leash as well. Mommy also found this adorable shirt to go with it from the same place!

And then Mommy spotted this
and tried very very hard to convince Daddy that he needed it for his classes. After all kids learn the best with visuals right? Sadly Daddy informed Mommy that since he taught math that this wouldn't exactly be needed for his lessons. Then Mommy thought it would be a fabulous prop for the fur kids to use in their reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware which sparked a debate on which way Washington was actually sailing. As it turns out though Mommy is a fan of history American history is not her strong point after all (give me a Tudor king any day over a Revolutionist)

Well the kids can dream I guess since Daddy sad no to the boat.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cavalier Get Together

The Cavalier get together was fabulous! Ellie had an amazing time. I have never seen her really play with other dogs as she never seemed to have an interest in them when we went to school but today she seemed right at home romping and running around with the bunch. I have never seen her having so much fun! She also ate an army's worth of treats. She was clever enough to figure out to stick her face in the entire treat bags at the doggy appetizer table! Yes there was a doggy appetizer table. They did an amazing amazing job. There were games, door prizes, birthday cake for the 3 pups celebrating birthdays, goodie bags, and tons of food for both dogs and humans. I can't wait for the next get together! Sadly my camera battery had the audacity to die on me mid-party so I dont have a lot of pictures but I saw tons of other mommy and daddy's snapping away with the cameras and video tape so I hope they got some good pictures. I am dying to see them. Here are the few pics I did manage to get

Here Ellie is honing in on Razz's treat while Lucky, Spike, and Arturo look on

It seemed like a tri party!

Here Ellie is telling Spike to back off again. He seemed to remember Ellie from when we visited Molly a while back and developed a little crush as he followed her around the entire time much to Ellie's dismay at times I think. At one point Paul and I went to eat and we took Ellie with us. As we sat at the other side of the fence with Ellie Spike sat at the other side of the fence staring at Ellie longingly. It was adorable though I think Ellie was happy to get a break from him

Ellie begging for treats again from Sadie's Daddy. Looks like Casey wants in on some treats too

Little Arturo! I finally got to meet Angie and her husband Rob after tons of emails and phone calls back and forth. Arturo is a darling little boy.

There's my happy girl. Notice Spike to the left. Wherever she was there he was too. They have matching his and her Puppia's to boot!

And here is lovable Casey with Ellie on the side

And lastly Ellie with Daddy

Ellie has so much fun running around that she managed to get the entire park on her. She even came home with a lovely dark black smudge on her muzzle

So needless to say it was bath time when we came home

Look at that smudge on her muzzle

After a bath its time for a snuggle on the bed while we air dry

And lastly our dear friend bought Ellie a new Puppia and gave it to us at the get together. She is way to kind and we are so thankful. Here is Ellie modeling her new Tinkerbelle Puppia. Soon her harness collection will be larger then Mommy's bag collection

All in all it was a wonderful treat filled weekend for Miss Ellie Belli. She is currently passed out on her goodie bag toy snoring away!

Next week its off to Danbury for the CKCSC show!!!