Friday, November 23, 2007


While we were at York Cavalier Rescue was holding an auction of items. We had to leave before the auction was over but Alfie's mommy was kind enough to pick up any of our winning items. Well we won a new fleece coat, some PJs, and some booties. They all arrived yesterday courtesy of Alfie's mommy and she included a toy for the pups courtesy of her own winnings. The pup pups loved the toy and destroyed it in record time (less then 12 hours) but before they did I got a few shots of them playing with it.

They both had to play with the new toy immediately so of course this is what end up happening

First they were sharing

Then Ellie decided she had enough of the sharing and pawed Aidan in the face

And yet more pawing

And finally Aidan got tired of it and got the upper hand

And it was back to sharing

This morning I found pieces of the toy everywhere and I mean everywhere. There was some in their kennels some in the living room some in the kitchen some in the bathroom. What a mess but at least they had fun right.

And the Pjs and the booties we won were way too small for the pups so they found a new owner instead

Still have no idea what to do with the booties.

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